# Reviews

Reviews can be added for a Product or Variant.

A Review needs at least a star rating (1-5 stars). It can have an optional title and description as well as a list of pros and cons.

Reviews can be disabled completely via October's backend settings.

# Review categories

You can create additional review categories like Price, Design or Build quality and assign them to specific product categories.

This allows a customer to rate specific aspects of a product in more detail.

Review categories can be managed via the Product category edit form.

# Settings

The following settings can be configured in the backend:

# Reviews enabled

This option removes the reviews form and list from the Product component if disabled.

# Moderate reviews

If this option is enabled, reviews need to be approved by the site admin manually. Unapproved reviews are not visible on the website.

# Allow anonymous

By default, only logged in customers can create reviews. If this option is enabled, everyone can review products.

# Events

See Events.