# Properties

Properties are used to describe a Product or Variant in your store.

Properties serve two purposes:

  1. They can be used to describe a product. A user can filter on different properties and find matching products.
  2. Different property values can be combined to define a Variant.

# Defining properties

Properties can be defined in the backend under Catalogue > Properties.

# Property groups

Every property has to belong to a property group. Common property groups are Size, Dimensions or Technical specs. You can of course define as many groups as your use-case demands.

Every group needs to be given a Name (used in the backend). The Display name (optional name to use in the frontend) and Description attributes are optional.

If you manage a high number of products you can use the Name and Display Name properties to give your groups descriptive names with more context in the backend (Bike Size, Shoe Size, Package Size) while displaying a more generic name in the frontend (Size for everything, context is given by the currently viewed category).


Make sure to name your groups only as specific as needed. Giving then generic names will make it easier to re-use them among different products.

# Properties

Each Property belongs to one or multiple Property Groups.

A Property has a descriptive Name, a Type and an optional Unit.

The table below shows some common Properties.

Name Type Unit Options
Size Dropdown S, M, L, XL
Color Color
Width Number mm
Height Number mm
Material Textarea

# Use for Variants

If a Property will be used to describe the different Variants of a Product this option should be enabled. A perfect example is the Size property where a Product is available as differently sized Variants. The Material property will be the same for all sizes so it should not be used to describe Variants.

# Filter type

To make products filterable by a specific property, the Filter type option can be enabled.

The table below shows some common Filter type setups.

Property Type
Size Set
Color Set
Width Range
Height Range
Ingredients Without filter

A Set filter will display all available Property values. The user can select one or many of these values to filter products.

A Range filter will display a slider control. The user can set a specific range to filter matching products.