# Going Live

Once everything is set up and you have deployed your oc-mall installation to a production server you, can use the checklist on this page to make sure everything is running smoothly.


If you want to reset your installation back to a clean slate after verifying it in production, simply run php artisan mall:init to remove your test accounts and test orders.

  • php artisan mall:check returns no errors
  • October's mail settings are set up correctly (the production driver is set)
  • There is no mail.to configuration entry in config/mail.php
  • Unused mail notifications are disabled under Backend Settings -> Mall: General -> Notifications
  • All mail templates are styled correctly
  • API keys for all payment providers are set up correctly
  • Customer sign up works
  • Customer sign in works
  • Checking out with all available payment providers works (perform a test purchase!)
  • All relevant countries are enabled under Backend Settings -> Location -> Countries & States
  • Relevant countries are pinned
  • All relevant products and variants are published